Jessie Love

First Impressions

Jessie Love brings the pleasure on her tour with a load of free pictures for your pleasure. They`re worked into a slick and sexy design and they work to show you how beautiful she is and how much fun she can be if you want to give her a try. She`s smiling in most of them and she looks demure and sweet when she does. Her breasts are clearly gorgeous in the few shots where you can see them with the nipples censored. She likes pigtails and she has good taste in clothes. It`s going to be a fun site.

Hot Promises

The only thing that worries me a little is that there really aren`t any promises made other than some info about the quality of the pictures and the videos. They offer multiple versions of each video, including an HD clip and there are no download restrictions so you can grab it all on the same day if you want. The content is exclusive and they have bonus sites and extra content that`s free for all members. The only other text on the tour is a profile with information about Jessie that could be entirely made up.


In the Jessie Love member`s area we find the most recent updates at the top of the page, the most popular and highest rated updates below that and a few teases of upcoming additions. There are two new sets every week and I presume at some point that will slow down. The site is relatively new so she`s trying to add content as quickly as possible to get it up to snuff. The main page also features links to the bonus content, a favorites list in case you add any scenes and a few advertisements that are a little annoying bust mostly out of the way.

The navigation links are at the top right side of the page and the only useful ones are for the pictures and the videos. They list one that has bonus content but it`s just streaming feeds that you might find useful if you`re desperate for hardcore content. There are 19 picture galleries and 7 videos to check out (as of August 11, 2009). The picture sets display at 1600px and can be downloaded in a zip file. The videos are not available in HD as they hinted at on the tour. They play at 640x480 and 1500kbps. That`s close to DVD quality but they`re not as crisp as a typical DVD is. It`s not a bold lie they told but they did deceive you a little. They only have WMVs for download, too. So there`s no QuickTime or DivX. You can stream the movies in a Flash player though.

The picture sets are all beautiful stripteases where Jessie models her bare body for the camera. She likes to show off her beautiful tits and her hot pussy and you`ll find that in most of them she puts her hair in pigtails. It does make her look cuter and that cuteness is one of her best features so I can see why she would want to do it. She just wants to enhance the sexual experience for you. She has two nipples rings in most of her sets and that`s the one indicator you get that this girl is far naughtier than she might seem on the surface.

Most of the picture galleries start with her fully clothed or at least wearing a bra and panty set. She`s covering up her naughty parts because she wants there to be a little bit of tease and allure in the set. She slowly removes her clothing and smiles or looks lustily into the camera. Then the outfit comes off and suddenly you`re looking at these pierced nipples and you`re thinking that Jessie Love might be a bold and beautiful babe that likes to have some wild fun in the bedroom. Girls with piercings in unusual places are almost always crazier in the bedroom.

The picture sets all tread the same basic ground and that can get a little tiring after a while. They all seem to be shot in the same house with white walls in almost every case. She does her striptease and shows her tits and her pussy and then it`s pretty much over. The outfits are usually very similar. We`re talking about t-shirts and shorts or a tank top or a little dress or a bikini. It`s really pretty standard stuff. That doesn`t have to be a bad thing but if you`re tired of that kind of thing after seeing it on dozens of solo babe sites Jessie Love will not thrill you.

In the seven video clips you get a different kind of experience. They`re not just filmed versions of her photo shoots or her doing a little dance while she strips from something. They`re more like little slices of life in which you get to see her naked. She likes to rub lotion on her body so the camera is set up and we get to watch as she goes from head to toe rubbing the soft and wet white cream into her skin. She needs to get clean in the morning so the camera watches as she takes a shower and gets all soapy and wet and sexy. What girl doesn`t look amazing when she`s all soapy?

Jessie Love also does videos with other girls. They don`t get into any hot and heavy lesbian action but they do get naked together and there`s always some touching. In one video she steps into the shower with another chick and they soap each other up. Their bodies are slick and sexy and shiny from the water and it`s breathtaking stuff. In another she`s drinking beer and playing cards with a girl and the more alcohol that gets into their system the better they feel. The better they feel the more they want to play with each other.

There are 10 bonus sites that come with your membership to Jessie Love and that`s a good thing because she doesn`t have nearly enough content to keep a man like you aroused for very long. When you combine all the solo babe sites you have a fairly impressive collection and that`s what makes the whole thing worth checking out. You really do get a highly valuable experience with great pornographic pleasures starring beautiful young chicks.

Croco’s Opinion

Jessie Love is a cute blonde chick with two pierced nipples on her perky tits and a love of posing nude and showing them off. In her picture galleries she gives you lots of hot shots of her breasts and her pussy and the rest of her nude body. In her videos she`s doing stuff like rubbing lotion on her body or showering instead of just sitting still or doing a boring dance. She invites you into her life and that`s good because you don`t get any other interaction with her (they don`t even have a biography). The bonus content is where you get your money`s worth. There are ten sites and they each have picture sets and videos for download.


It`s easy to navigate through all the content, although the videos could use more screen captures.

Pricing Policy

It`s $34.95/month or $59.95 for 90 days.

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